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“Love is the most powerful force for change in the world!”

This is the mantra of our national organization, the Thistle National Network. Eyes Wide Open NENY, Inc is the sister organization in Schenectady, NY and the Capital District to the highly successful Thistle Farms (based in Nashville, Tennessee).

Thistle National Network is based on the principle: “To drive systematic change by growing a survivor-led community that connects those directly impacted by trafficking, prostitution, addiction and abuse to opportunities for healing and empowerment.”

Thistle Farms has set a high standard, both of success and caring. Now more than thirty-five sister organizations in twenty-two states in the Thistle Network provide survivor-centered care and education in a residential environment, building their programs on three key pillars: Health- Employment-Housing. Eyes Wide Open NENY, Inc. is proud to bring this essential service to our home in Schenectady and the Capital District.

“Love Heals” is much more than just two beautiful words. The concept really works, and the success of Thistle Farms clearly shows its power. Our focus is on healing the specific traumas these women have experienced, creating real-world tools that each program graduate uses to not only survive, but also thrive and prosper in their home community.




The Thistle National Network is a community of sister organizations driving systemic change by utilizing Thistle Farms’ model to connect survivors of prostitution, trafficking, addiction, and abuse to healing and empowerment. To date, 40+ organizations have programs based on Thistle Farms’ model of recovery.

For the past 20 years, women survivors have emerged from Thistle Farms equipped to lead. They are at the helm of this national movement with profound local impact.Three principles are at the core of a Survivor-Leader’s healing and empowerment:

  1. Housing : Free, long-term housing without a live-in staff
  2. Healing : Free, comprehensive mental and physical healthcare
  3. Employment : Connection to a safe, sustainable income

Members of our national network experience certain advantages and meet core expectations.

Network Advantage:

  1. Increased connectivity
  2. Shared knowledge
  3. Improved quality of care
  4. Mobilization of resources
  5. Unity of voice

Network Expectations:

  1. Implementation of Thistle Farms’ core principles
  2. Program assessment and transparency
  3. Participation in Network programs & conversations
  4. Mentorship of other sister organizations