Our Mission…

To provide restorative care and a sanctuary of healing and hope for women survivors of sex trafficking. We are a community of advocates seeking to change a culture that still allows humans to be bought and sold. We do this through a campaign of public awareness, advocacy, networking and collaboration with law enforcement, health care professionals and existing community organizations.

Our goal is to open the eyes of others through awareness.

  • We want victims’ eyes recognize their own exploitation.

  • We want to cultivate partnerships with businesses and community organizations.

  • We want traffickers to know we are taking action.


Our Vision…

To raise awareness of human trafficking throughout the general public and to establish safe havens of healing and hope for women who have been trafficked through partnership and collaboration with existing organizations.

A holistic human rights approach is critical to the advancement of anti-trafficking policies that prevent trafficking, rescue and reintegration of victims, and prosecute traffickers. The objective of such an approach is to respect the human rights and dignity of all victims of trafficking while working towards its eradication.